Thursday, 8 January 2009

my first blog

I know that title sounds a bit sad but oh well, but it is the first time i've ever done anyting like this, and i don't know who's reading this but whoever is reading this please leave a comment. My parents both have blogs and i just want to write down what i'm feeling. i'm only eleven but i still have a lot of things to write about. My sister would scorn at that last sentence because she thinks i have nothing to write about, I pointed out to my sister that dad doesn't either but he still has one. (joke)This past tuesday my parents started a new club for school years 7-10 called Rock Solid and in my app0inion it didn't get of to a great start but now its after christmas and everything is back to normal and Hannah (one of my big sisters)and her husband Dan Derdin are coming down to visit for mum's birthday because they couldn't be here for christmas thats all for now. bye.

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  1. Nice blog Julez. I'm sure you, like myself(!) will have plenty to talk about. Dad x